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Paralegal in Vaughan | Ontario

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We make the best laws work for you 

Affordable Paralegal Services in Vaughan

We are offering a wide variety of professional Paralegal in Vaughan and GTA. We are specializing in Small Claims Court litigation only. Contractual disputes and tort claims also known as claims for damages are our forte. We are handling disputes between contractors and homeowners, real-estate litigation, professional negligence claims, breach of contract claims on a daily basis. If you are planning to sue someone or are already a party to a proceeding, our Vaughan Paralegal Services office will be happy to assist. 

As we moved online, a location is not an issue anymore. You may book your appointment online and see our Paralegals on Zoom. The link for a meeting will be emailed to you immediately after you will complete the booking.  


The thousands of in-court hours we've earned over decades in practice and hundreds of happy clients are the best arguments of why you should use our Paralegal Services in Vaughan. Our paralegals also keep improving their skills by participating in professional development classes every year. So, if you are looking for quality, experience and knowledge, you may rely on us.


We also practice Employment law and help people to recover their severance entitlements in wrongful dismissal cases. Whether you was terminated or your hours were reduced you should seek legal advice before accepting any offer to settle or release documents. It is often that a termination clause in the employment contract is invalid or unenforceable and terminated employee loses thousands of dollars by failing to seek legal advice upon termination.  

Our Paralegal is also designated as a Notary Public by the Attorney General of Ontario. As of now, we offering remote notarizing of Affidavits and Statutory declarations. Yes, you may have your document notarized from the comfort of your home. 

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We are professional and Affordable Paralegal Service in Vaughan | Ontario

+1 (647) 492-4929

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Contact us now and see how your case may be resolved. 

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