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Brampton Small Claims Court Address

Brampton Small Claims Court Phone Number

Small Claims - Superior Court of Justice

tel. (905) 456-4744

Brampton Small Claims Court Email

Brampton Small Claims Court Paralegals

Brampton Small Claims Court Direction

Brampton Small Claims Court is a busy Ontario Court that is currently serving residents of Mississauga and Brampton. Every year thousands of claims are routinely resolved by this court. 

If you are looking for an experienced Litigation Paralegal service provider to handle your case, your search is finally over. As Small Claims Court Paralegals, we are proud to contribute to this large volume representing our clients as plaintiffs, defendants and even a third party in various proceedings.  The breach of contract, unpaid invoices, faulty work, defamation, damages are our forte. 
We are proud to be a trusted Paralegal service provider, especially in Brampton Small Claims Court.  

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