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About SAV Paralegal Services

We are a Paralegal Service provider who specializes in Employment law, Small Claims Court litigation, and Human Rights legislation.

If you have been terminated for cause or for no cause, laid-off or your work duties, pay rates or hours have been modified, we are here to help. Wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, severance package review, termination pay audit are questions we are dealing with every day.

Working for employees, independent contractors, and employers, our firm, strives to get optimal results for each client through skilled advocacy and research on each matter. We serve Toronto and GTA. Our fees are affordable and reasonable, standards of services are as the top employment lawyers have. We will support you during this unprecedented COVID-19 times.

     If you are looking for an experienced paralegal to represent you in Small Claims Court whether you a plaintiff or claimant, we are here to help. Having countless hours spent in trials we may provide you with the best solution on how to proceed. Debt collections, contractual disputes, construction disputes, torts are only some of the areas where our litigation experience can be helpful.

We also help people who have been discriminated against based on sex, disability, age, family status, religion, or other prohibited grounds, by providing professional legal services and support in protecting their legal rights.

We offer a free 30 minutes consultation to all our clients.  Call us now and ask your questions.

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