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Paralegal in Barrie | Ontario

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We make the best laws work for you! 

Competent Paralegal in Barrie

A person may need professional legal assistance in different life situations. Who should you contact in this case?

We are the SAV Paralegal Services team - professional and experienced legal assistants in the city. For many years, our specialists have been providing highly qualified assistance related to issues arising in the field of legal relations.

SAV Paralegal Services represent its clients in trials in first instance courts, criminal courts, small claims courts, various tribunals and commissions in the province of Ontario.

And we know exactly how to make the law our shield.

The professionals who have helped many people and businesses in Ontario are ready to help you right now.

Honesty and Integrity

The main goal of a paralegal is to protect people and their interests. When choosing a paralegal, it is best to entrust your affairs to a reliable, experienced, honest partner! On request, a paralegal in Barrie will find a lot of results, but not all of them faithfully fulfill their direct duties. We guarantee honesty, decency, and if in any particular case, there are simply no real prospects, we will immediately refuse to get down to business, so as not to waste our time, as well as the client's money.

Individual approach

In the work of SAV Paralegal Services, along with the principles of law, principles such as an individual approach to each client and full immersion in the problem being solved are used. Therefore, you will be able to appreciate the quality of the services we provide and receive guaranteed support in the field of legal relations.

We love our job

Our team is always and completely devoted to work. You can be sure that no change in legal documents will go unnoticed by us. Well-coordinated team work allows you to perform the assigned tasks efficiently and in the specified lines. Our mission is to help you avoid possible mistakes.

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We are professional and Affordable Paralegal Service in Ontario

SAV Paralegal Services Barrie


Richmond Hill

How can a Paralegal services Barrie in Ontario help?

There are situations in life when, without the help of a qualified specialist in the legal field, it becomes difficult to solve a particular problem. For example: when our clients are charged with crimes that, if convicted, they face imprisonment of up to six months or a fine of up to thirty-five thousand dollars. In some areas, such as traffic courts, Landlord and Lessee Commissions, clients mainly use our services of licensed paralegals.

Why do they trust us? Everything is simple here.

SAV Paralegal Services is a team with great authority, which for many years has been guarding the rights and freedoms of our citizens, thereby earning trust in themselves and their work.

Call us and we will provide you with a free 45-minute consultation so that you can be sure that our words can be trusted.


Contact our Barrie Paralegal Services and see how your case may be resolved. 

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