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Paralegal in Mississauga | Ontario

We make the best laws work for you 

Professional Paralegal Services in Mississauga

Your search for a competent Paralegal in Mississauga is finally over. We are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario Mississauga Paralegals with over 20 years of in-court practice. We specialize in Small Claims Courts filing and litigation, including claims, defences, motions and submissions. Our clients appreciate our Professional Paralegal Services in Mississauga by making referrals and have left many reviews on our Google profile. 

You can book your appointment online and have a consultation over Zoom at a time that is convenient for you. A link for a Zoom meeting will be emailed to you right after the booking will be completed. Yes, it is that simple. 

We can help with a variety of legal issues like breach of contract, real estate litigation, claims for damages, employment disputes, professional negligence litigation and much more. We also appointed Notary Public for Ontario and are able to notarize some documents online. It is affordable, easy and convenient. 

Honesty and Integrity

Over the years of practice, honesty and integrity are the core values we carry throughout the process. Professional legal advice based on the proper legal research in every matter helps our clients to understand their matter realistically, with a clear perspective as to how it may be resolved, and what outcome is likely to be. 

Paralegal Services in Mississauga also guarantees fair billing, transparent and clear invoices. There would be no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Individual approach

Mississauga Paralegal Service, as every boutique law firm in Mississauga, is ready to help you in the most complex and complicated cases. We have an expertise in different areas of law and guarantee an individual approach. Our paralegals will be deeply involved in the analyses, preparation, and representation of your case at every stage of the litigation process. If it would be required, our paralegals will have reputable experts to provide their opinion on some of the facts and issues and to testify in the trial.

The law is our passion.

We love our job

We are at Paralegal Services in Mississauga monitoring all updates and changes all the time to keep up with persistently changing rules and regulations and law environment. Our Paralegals love their work and do it quickly, professionally, and responsibly. Our clients recommended us to their friends and colleagues and that is something we are proud of.The law is our passion.

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We are professional and Affordable Paralegal Service in Ontario

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How can a Paralegal in Mississauga help?

We specialize in Small Claims Court (Missisauga) filing and litigation and would be happy to assist with any claim up to $ 35,000, including but not limited to:

You may ask your questions and contact our Paralegal Service. We provide our paralegal services in Mississauga and offer 30 minutes free consultation. 

We may help you to professionally prepare a Plaintiff’s Claim or Defence, to effect service of the documents, as it is required by the Rules of the Small Claims Court. We also offer a representation in the settlement conferences, motions or trials.  

We also are a Notary Public in Missisauga who can certify or notarize your documents and we do a Red Seal.

We Also Provide in Missisauga

Small Claim Court in Mississauga

Employment Law Mississauga

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 Contact us now and see how your case may be resolved. 

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