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Professional Paralegal Toronto

If you are looking for a professional Paralegal in Toronto and GTA, you are at the right place. We are professionally educated, insured, and licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. When it comes to litigation, our knowledge and years of in-court experience allow us to effectively represent people and businesses in Toronto Small Claims Court. 

Instead of covering a wide variety of services we prefer to restrict our practice to Small Claims Court litigation and Employment law disputes. The expertise, gained over time, allows us to successfully represent our clients in Small Claims matters and to oppose the best employment lawyers in Toronto. We offer our clients a cost-effective and professional paralegal solution to resolve their legal needs, including representation in Toronto Small Claims Court.


The Small Claims Court in Toronto has a large volume of cases, resolving thousands of civil claims every year, and paralegals are often the best choice for the parties in terms of legal representation. Although the rules in the Small Claims Court have been simplified to make the process accessible, it is safer to use a professional Paralegal.

We are at SAV Paralegal Services helping people to prepare Plaintiff Claims, Defences, and Motions of various nature and kinds. Expertise does matter and hundreds of our clients benefited from this daily. 

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I hired this Paralegal firm to develop employment contract and policies for my company. I am in deck building and repair business, so compliance with the Employment Standards Act and Safety regulations is a priority. I also wanted to be protected from the risk of the excessive payment of severance in case if I need to fire someone. I got perfectly drafted contract and the set of policies that have all the procedure I need to follow, including COVID-19 vaccination. I would recommend this Paralegal service provider to every business owner as I am.

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We provide professional and affordable Small Claims Paralegal Services in Toronto, Ontario

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Do I need to hire Toronto Paralegal?

Whether you need to collect unpaid invoices for the work done or service provided, or you are looking to claim unpaid wages or may have another legal dispute in mind, it is important to obtain legal advice as early as possible. 

At SAV Paralegal Services you will get professional legal help that would allow you to make an informed decision. There are many ways to protect your legal rights available, and the Small Claims Court litigation might not be the best one. The monetary jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court is $35,000, so if your claim is under this cap, you most likely will need a professional paralegal to help you. 

There are also many misconceptions when it comes to the Small Claims Courts and litigation. One of them is that everyone is able to take care of its claim on its own, and Paralegal will only fill out the forms and attend a settlement conference, a motion, or trial. In fact, this statement is not true. We have witnessed multiple occasions when people were sorry that they did not hire a Paralegal, but unfortunately for them, it was too late, and they lost their cases. 

Another misconception comes from the opportunity to lien the property where work has been done by the trades, so called construction lien claims. These claims shall be submitted to the Superior Court of Justice, not to the Small Claims Court. That means you should seek a lawyer to represent you, follow strict procedures on the claim submission and face a large cost of the collection. Instead, you may save on the legal fees and have your claim heard by the Small Claims Court as a claim for an unpaid invoice. You still be able to lien a property of interest, but on the stage when you will enforce your Court Order. And, commonly, Small Claims Court resolves cases faster than the Superior Courts, which means you will have your results faster. 

There are many other tricks when it comes to litigation. SAV Paralegal Services will provide you with all the information you need to help resolve your matter in the best way possible. 

Paralegal help in toronto

How can a Paralegal help?

Certain life situations require reliable legal assistance at reasonable prices and not all these cases require a lawyer. Here is why you should hire a paralegal to represent you instead of a lawyer.

- Paralegal will provide you with the same legal advice and will protect your legal rights as any lawyer can do.

- Paralegal will help you to prepare your claim, defence, motion record or any other documents pertaining to your litigation to the standard of the professional licensee.

- Paralegal will conduct negotiations and/or mediation on your behalf the same way as best Toronto lawyers can do.

- Paralegal fees are affordable for most people, so choosing a Paralegal instead of a lawyer would be a smart decision.

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Paralegal Small Claims Court

The scope of our Paralegal Toronto is quite wide when it comes to litigation. We can help you to file a claim and to navigate the matters which are under $35,000 and within the monetary jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court. Each court also has its territorial jurisdiction, so you should be aware of the rules. If your claim is under $35,000 and a defendant lives in Toronto or cause of action arose in Toronto, then Toronto Small Claims Court would be the proper forum to resolve your claim. If your city does not have its own Small Claims Court, then you should refer your case to the nearest court. Sometimes you may choose from 2 or even 3 courts available. 

When it comes to the cause of action, Small Claims Courts hear a wide variety of cases. Among others are: 

In the Employment law context:

- wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, unpaid wages cases;

- misclassification claims, when the employee is misclassified as the independent contractor and claiming severance pay and/or termination pay;

- claims for damages caused by wrongful employment (misrepresentation): the situations where the employer misrepresent the job and cause the employee to accept the offer of employment;

- non-competition and non-solicitation cases;

- work performance terminations and claims, harassment cases and so on.


In the Civil litigation context:

- Contractual disputes to recover loss of business, damages caused by the breach of the contract; 

- Bad faith performance of the contract cases;

- Defamation, negligence cases and other torts. 

It is important to understand that Small Claims Court is not able to issue an injunction or to grant relief other than monetary compensation. You can not advance any claim which is not about money to the Small Claims Court.

Paralegal Small Claims Court
Paralegal and Ministry of Labour

Ministry of Labour and Ontario Labour Board

There are many administrative tribunals exist in Ontario who may hear certain types of applications.


Paralegal Toronto will be happy to assist you with the complaint to the Ministry of Labour, which is enforcing employment standards under the Employment Standards Act. 

The Ministry has its own tribunal, Ontario Labour Relation Board.


Among others, this board hears an application about:

- Review of the Order made by the Employment Standards Officer regarding payment of wages (salary, termination pay, severance pay, vacation pay and so on).

- Unfair labour practices (relates to those in Unionised environment);

-  Reprisals applications made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act;


- Appeals or application for a suspension of Order made by the Inspector of the Ministry of Labour;


- And many other applications that might be helpful in your specific case. 


Professional paralegal in Toronto (provider) help will be required to successfully proceed with such applications. Although the process is not complicated, the legal side of your application requires expert attention. You will need to possess special knowledge in the specific areas of law your application is referring to and to draft your documents carefully. A knowledgeable and competent paralegal’s help and representation will be of great assistance.


Are you still have questions? Contact our Paralegal Services and see how your case may be resolved. 

Our Mission as Paralegals

At SAV Paralegal Services we strive to provide our clients with a smart, cost-effective and professional solution to all their litigation needs.  Our clients refer us as a professional legal service provider to their friends and colleagues. We are fighting for our client’s rights by offering reliable and affordable Paralegal Services in Small Claims Court litigation and Employment law within Toronto and GTA. Let us be a one-stop-shop for all your civil litigation needs and a business risk solution partner.

We will guide you through complicated legal matters so you can navigate easily and made an informed decision.  Timely legal advice and support through all stages of the court proceedings, expertise earned over the years, honesty, and reputation are core values our clients are benefited from.

Just like any civil litigation lawyer, or best employment lawyer, we are willing and able to effectively protect your rights in Small Claims Court and Administrative Tribunals and to withstand seasoned lawyers on the other side.

We are specializing in civil litigation in Small Claims Court, like contractual disputes and torts. Whether you have an unpaid invoice, construction claim, or someone defame you or cause damages we are here to help you.

Working for employees, independent contractors and employers, our firm, strives to get optimal results for each client. Wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, severance package review, performance review disputes, employment contract review bullying and harassment are only some areas where we can help you.

If you are a business owner, we will be happy to help you to manage your risks. Establishing proper employment practice within your firm will save you time and money. It also will protect you from many legal loops and will mitigate your risk effectively.

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