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Professional Paralegal Toronto

If you are looking for a professional Paralegal in Toronto and GTA, you are at the right place. We are professionally educated, insured, and licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. When it comes to litigation, our knowledge and years of in-court experience allow us to effectively represent people and businesses in Toronto Small Claims Court. 

Instead of covering a wide variety of services we prefer to restrict our practice to Small Claims Court litigation and Employment law disputes. The expertise, gained over time, allows us to successfully represent our clients in Small Claims matters and to oppose the best employment lawyers in Toronto. We offer our clients a cost-effective and professional paralegal solution to resolve their legal needs, including representation in Toronto Small Claims Court.


The Small Claims Court in Toronto has a large volume of cases, resolving thousands of civil claims every year, and paralegals are often the best choice for the parties in terms of legal representation. Although the rules in the Small Claims Court have been simplified to make the process accessible, it is safer to use a professional Paralegal.

We are at SAV Paralegal Services helping people to prepare Plaintiff Claims, Defences, and Motions of various nature and kinds. Expertise does matter and hundreds of our clients benefited from this daily. 

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